Industrial Fence Gallery

Here are some of our most popular projects concerning commercial premises and their industrial fences; we can also create bespoke jobs that may need to fit a particularly unusual site or taste...

S L Wrought Iron Ltd can aid in designing your fencing or install standard steel palisades or mesh fencing as a quick and simple fencing solution. We are also very competitive when it comes to cost too.


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Bespoke Fencing



Steel Palisades


​Surround your premises with an industrial fence or decorative railings- we can do all sorts and styles of metal perimeter fencing.

Secure your land and protect your business with our trustworthy and solid fencing systems. Have them as high and wide as you see fit, or make them as stylish as you want to give your property a different edge. Anything is possible!

Mesh systems are ideal industrial fencing solutions for when you need to protect from intruders but don't want the aesthetic appeal of a palisade fence.


These are particularly used around vehicle showrooms so the cars and vans can still be veiwed for sales purposes, and schools so parents feel at ease knowing their children are safely in the school grounds and the children don't feel trapped in tight security-style premises.


Quick and easy, these can be fitted in a short time scale as high and long as you need it.

​S L Wrought Iron Ltd can fit palisade fencing systems around your property. Fast and effective this type of fencing is the most popular around for keeping a secure perimeter.


These can be painted too just like any other fence to match a colour scheme or an existing finish. These are perfect as a security feature for your site to scare off intruders and used as a stand-alone security technique.


Difficult to damage but easy to maintain, they are the simplest fix for a security issue when you need to protect your property.

Whether it's a grand entrance to premises or for privatisation; our secure gates will do just the trick.​


From bespoke designs to standard gates we can do it all. We will work with a range of budgets to make sure you get the gate that fits perfectly.

Mesh Systems